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When using a command, it needs to start with a prefix in order for the bot to respond. By default the prefix is a..


This overview of commands will include the prefix.

a.start — Start the adventure. Can only be used once, and is required before any other commands can be used.

Your character[edit | edit source] or a.i — View your character information. Additional modifiers can be added to view skills, inventory items, or your currently equipped items.

Example 5 — View the 5th item in your inventory.

Example primary — View the item in your primary equipment slot.

Example roll — View the roll skill. Note that you need to own an item or pet with the skill you wish to view.

Dailies, currencies[edit | edit source]

a.balance or a.bal — View your current amount of gold.

a.daily — View the status of the daily rewards

a.daily claim — Claim the daily reward if possible.

Stats[edit | edit source]

a.stats or — View your stat point allocation.

a.upgrade <stat> — Spend stat upgrades on your chosen stat. Multiple stat points can be spent at once by specifying the number after the name of the stat.

Example a.upgrade Speed — Upgrades your Speed stat once.

Example a.upgrade Defense 5 — Upgrades your Defense stat 5 times.

a.reset — Reset your stat point allocation. This costs 150 gold and allows you to reassign your stat upgrades. A second prompt is sent to confirm the reset.

a.confirmreset — Confirms the stat reset.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

a.inventory or a.inv — View the first page of your inventory. Each inventory page show 20 items. To view other pages, add the number of the page at the end of the command.

Example a.inv 3 — View the third page of your inventory. <item #> — View the item at the selected item number.

Example 5 — View the 5th item in your inventory.

Equipment[edit | edit source] or a.eq — View your equipment slots.

a.equip <item #> <slot> — Equip the chosen item into the provided slot. Can only be done if there is not currently an item in the slot.

Example a.equip 5 chest — Equip the 5th item in your inventory to your chest slot. <slot> — View the item in the selected equipment slot.

Example primary — View the item in your primary equipment slot.

a.unequip <slot> — Remove the item from the provided slot.

Example a.unequip chest — Remove the item from the chest slot.

Skills[edit | edit source]

a.skills — View your available and learned skills. Skills become available as you equip items, and you must then learn them before they can be used in combat.

a.learn <skill> — Learn a skill.

Example a.learn Weak Curse — Learn the Weak Curse skill.

a.forget <skill> — Unlearn a skill. Skills are automatically unlearned if you unequip the item they are from.

Example a.forget Unsteady Block — Unlearn the Unsteady Block skill. <skill> — View the selected skill.

Example roll — View the roll skill. Note that you need to own an item or pet with the skill you wish to view.

Ranking[edit | edit source] <criteria> or <criteria> - Displays a leaderboard based on the criteria. There are 3 criteria which are Power, Level and Streak. The criteria can be abbreviated to their first letter.

Example power - Displays the leaderboard based on power.

Exploring, Dueling, Combat[edit | edit source]

a.explore — Explore an unexplored ruin in that channel. Requires there to be at least one unexplored tile on a ruin that has not yet expired.

Lobbies[edit | edit source]

a.lobby open/close/join/start — Open, close, join, or start the monster lobby. The open and start command can only be used by the owner of the lobby, the same person who explored a ruin and found a monster.

Example a.lobby open — Open the monster lobby, allowing other players to join.

Example a.lobby join — Join an open monster lobby.

Dueling[edit | edit source]

a.duel <@playermention> — Challenge the mentioned discord user to a duel. They have to be in the same Discord server, and will be prompted to accept.

Example a.duel @blanket#0001 — Challenges the user Blanket#0001 to a duel.

a.acceptduel — Accept a duel challenge.

During Combat[edit | edit source]

Note that skill order/numbers are randomized and will be sent to you in a message by the Altamar bot at the start of each combat. No prefix must be used at this time, as only numbers are necessary.

<skill #> — Use the specified skill number during your combat turn.

Example 2 — Use the skill in the second slot.

Raid Bosses[edit | edit source]

a.rb - Displays the raid boss help menu

a.rb list - List raid boss qualities and crystals to summon them

a.summon <quality> - Summons a raid boss

Example a.summon Common — Summons a common raid boss