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Altamar is a text based RPG-style game bot created for the chat service Discord. The entirety of the game happens through the chat interface using commands. In the game, you are able to find loot in ruins that spawn randomly, find loot and gold, equip items to learn skills, and use those skills when battling monsters for greater rewards. As you gain experience, you will level up and gain points to allocate in stats and unlock further skill slots as you gain milestones.

How to start[edit | edit source]


To play the game, you need to be in a Discord server that has the Altamar bot. As the game is currently in a closed beta, access to the game is limited to the Altamar Official server. It will be possible to add the bot to your own discord server in the future.

Type the command `a.start` to start playing. This creates your character. All characters start at level 1, and you can check your character info by typing `` or `a.i` for short.

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