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Monsters have a chance of spawning when a ruins is generated. Their difficulty is indicated by their Monster Power.

A party of up to four users total can engage a monster at once. Upon defeating the monster, loot is shared equally between every user that participated. The amount of Gold and Exp gained is significantly larger compared to exploring a ruins. The base amount of these can be up to 40x more before the reward is split.

Starting combat[edit | edit source]

A monster lobby is created once a monster has been discovered, and the player who explored that tile will become the owner of the lobby.

Use the command a.lobby start to start combat.

It is possible to let up to three other users join you by opening the lobby with the command a.lobby open. Others can then join by using the command a.lobby join.

List of monsters[edit | edit source]

Name of monster Monster Power Health Location Gold Exp Items
Angry Slime 220 140 King Arok's Dungeon, Castle of Ra'Thul, Erica's Forest 95 250 Slime
Giant Rat 225 180 King Arok's Dungeon, Castle of Ra'Thul, Field of Loss, Varu Island 80 250 Shattered Sword, Broken Longsword, Leather Boots, Cracked Staff, Creaky Bow, Rustmail Leggings
Varu Sorceress 256 320 Varu Island 60 190 Ripped Veil, Leather Boots, Copper Ring, Varu Ring, Twisted Varu Wand
Sand Worm 275 220 Field of Loss 85 240 Copper Ring, Injured Hawk
Tiger Boar 293 280 Varu Island, Field of Loss, Erica's Forest 70 300 Cracked Staff, Broken Longsword
Blood Bat 285 150 Erica's Forest,
Undead Dungeon Guard 383 340 King Arok's Dungeon 145 480 Rusty Sword, Rustmail Leggings, Cracked Staff, Boarskin Helmet
Forest Viper 478 400 Erica's Forest 185 780 Broken Longsword, Rustmail Leggings, Rusty Dagger, Soggy Boots, Ripped Shirt, Shattered Knife, Shattered Sword, Injured Hawk
Decaying Skeleton 510 460 Dark Cave 190 1040
Dawn Spider 890 780 Dark Cave, Erica's Forest 297 1197

History[edit | edit source]