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Version Name Release date Highlights and Notes Alpha 2018-12-26 Added Limited use items. Added dances. Added forms. Added raid bosses to database. Fixed bugs. Alpha 2018-12-11 Added Power and Streak to leaderboard options. Improved item/skill DB. Added name:<itemname> and order:quality <asc/desc>. Added commas. Fixed bugs.
0.3.2 Alpha 2018-12-03 Added Leaderboard command. Added Daily command. Bug Fixes.
0.3.1 Alpha 2018-11-28 Re-Coded the entire database. Added unique inventory ids to items. Added pickup via reactions, Ruin timeout Increased to 3 minutes. Alpha 2018-11-24 Added 5 new items. Minor monster changes to prepare for stronger monsters. Alpha 2018-11-24 Added 5 new items. Bugfixes. Changed base stats and Buffed defense/health stats.
0.2.1 Alpha 2018-11-13 Added PvP Duels and PvE Monster Battles.Buffed Combo based weapons. Combat Bugfixes. Added Monster Battle Lobbies and commands to open, join and start them. Pre-Alpha 2018-11-02 Added 5 new items. Lowered average messages required for ruin spawn 5. Pre-Alpha 2018-11-02 Added 5 new ruins, 5 new monsters, and 5 new items.
0.1.5 Pre-Alpha 2018-10-24 Added Explore command. Added Ruins with Experience, Gold, and Items. Added Alpha Bow and Big Gay Ruin,
0.1.4 Pre-Alpha 2018-10-22 Added Equip and Unequip, Learn and Forget, and Upgrade commands. Added Ruins database
0.1.3 Pre-Alpha 2018-10-21 Added Reset and Resetconfirm commands. Added placeholder Start command. Added Training Bow, Training Sword, Training Wand items.
0.1.2 Pre-Alpha 2018-10-17 Added Images, Avatars, Dropped Items databases. Added Stats, Drop, and Pickup commands.
0.1.1 Pre-Alpha 2018-10-15 Added Players, Items, and Skills databases. Added Equipment, Skills, Balance, Inventory, and various Info commands.